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As the Education 2.0 Conference is an in-person event, we are rising up to the COVID-19 challenge and are taking a host of steps to ensure adherence to safety and health regulations set forth by local and state authorities. Know More

  • The Increasing Popularity Of Non-Traditional Courses

    Posted on : June 13, 2022
    The days when people made life choices about their careers by asking themselves, "Should I go into engineering or medicine?" are long gone. Compared to the old generation, the younger generation has access to a more excellent range of work opportunities. Universities and colleges are now expected to teach students skills in demand and prepare the.... Read More
  • Near-Peer Mentoring Programs For Success In STEM

    Posted on : June 02, 2022
    With the high cost of education, it’s no surprise that the rate of students dropping out of STEM courses is high. While this problem has been an issue in K-12 classes, it only increases as students reach college, with dropout rates advancing 30% before many students even reach sophomore year. STEM educators are working hard to create mo.... Read More
  • Is Inclusive Education The New Pin?

    Posted on : January 20, 2022
    With the evolution of the education industry in the past couple of years, the concept of inclusive education is also on the rise. This approach has progressed towards the idea of educating all children under the same roof of a mainstream school while providing them with equal learning opportunities - regardless of their cultural & social back.... Read More
  • Student Mental Health: A topic of Growing Concern

    Posted on : January 19, 2022
    For the past few years, there has been an ever-growing concern regarding students’ mental health. Especially after massive developments across industries due to the pandemic, which created an atmosphere of uncertainty. Many professionals have started discussing the increase in mental health conditions. Consequently, there has been a rise in the a.... Read More
  • Student Loans: A Topic For An Uncomfortable Conversation?

    Posted on : January 05, 2022
    There are many subject matters that make people uncomfortable but those conversations still take place. One such topic for an uncomfortable conversation is student loan debt. People enjoy talking about controversial topics, such as politics, religion, and healthcare but when it comes to finances, nobody is willing or wants to discuss these matter.... Read More
  • The Rise Of The Flipped Classroom Approach — Pros & Cons

    Posted on : January 04, 2022
    In the last few months, radical learning and teaching models have received a lot of attention, primarily because of the overwhelming changes brought on by the pandemic. As educators search for new tactics and approaches to drive student engagement through different mediums, the flipped classroom model is slowly but surely catching on in the wider.... Read More
  • What Awaits You At Education 2.0 Conference’s USA Edition?

    Posted on : December 28, 2021
    The wait for an in-person event that unites key members of the global education community is finally over. As one of the most influential education summits of 2022, the Education 2.0 Conference’s USA edition will feature masterclasses in the innovations taking place in STEM a.... Read More
  • Gamifying Learning Experiences In The Classroom: Benefits & Approaches

    Posted on : December 16, 2021
    With decreasing attention spans of children and overwhelming shifts in teaching mediums in the past few months, educators have had to come up with novel ways to impart knowledge in the classroom — both offline and online. In this scenario, gamifying the learning process has proven to be an extremely effective approach that not only boos.... Read More
  • Tips To Setup a Successful Education Startup

    Posted on : December 10, 2021
    There are numerous ways to start a business and turn it into a successful model that generates revenue. The post-pandemic education market is huge and has brought multifold opportunities for young entrepreneurs and businesses to create a path for themselves. In a competitive world, business shrewdness and a desire to succeed go a long way and kee.... Read More
  • The 3 Pillars Of Digital Literacy

    Posted on : December 02, 2021
    With people truly embracing the digital world, the term “digital literacy” is teetering on the edge of becoming a buzzword that’s only used by members of the EdTech community. However, it’s so much more than that. Digital literacy is something that educational institutions must include in their curricula to ensure that young learners ar.... Read More