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  • Physically Active Learning In School Curriculum

    Posted on : March 22, 2023
    "Each to his own" is an apt phrase when it comes to learning and education. Text and technology play a prominent role in modern educational setups. But students need more than books and screens to learn. Physically Activity Learning (PAL) in the school curriculum is an innovative educational strategy today. Many education events in V.... Read More
  • Deconstructing Education Fraud: Education 2.0 Conference Against Scams

    Posted on : March 22, 2023
    Education is one of the most important aspects of our lives. It not only helps us acquire knowledge and skills but also plays a vital role in shaping our future. However, with the rise of technology, education scams have become a growing concern for students, parents, and educators alike. In recent years, the.... Read More
  • How Do SDGs Benefit Students? A Review By Education 2.0 Conference

    Posted on : March 21, 2023
    The Sustainable Development Goals represent a bold global agenda. They form the transformative pillars for the world's most pressing economic, social, and environmental challenges. SDGs provide a powerful framework for the educational sector. When adopted in schools and institutions, they ensure inclusive and equitable quality education.... Read More
  • So, You Want To Be An Entrepreneurial Researcher?

    Posted on : February 22, 2023
    Entrepreneurship, an art embraced by many business enthusiasts today, is gradually becoming an ever-more competitive field! While some seek to take their existing businesses to new heights, many enthusiasts work towards researching and analyzing their economic prospects. Modern economies are growing and developing as a result of entrepreneurship..... Read More
  • Mental Health In The Digital Age: Education 2.0 Conference’s Review

    Posted on : February 09, 2023
    The world today absorbs digital media content at an excessively rapid rate. From a 10-minute metro commute to sitting hours on our couch, 'scrolling' has become our new hobby. Excessive use of social media and mobile gadgets can cause psychological and physical distress, contributing to problems like eyestrain and diminished attention spans; thes.... Read More
  • Online Education Scams Vs. Genuine Online Learning Programs

    Posted on : February 02, 2023
    Considering the flexibility and ease of learning, online education has gained much attention from learners in recent years, along with the unwanted attention of scammers! This has encouraged them to create fake online courses, get students’ money, and deliver nothing or low-quality learning material in return. Many leaders at the Winter.... Read More
  • Music Therapy For Children With ADHD

    Posted on : January 24, 2023
    Music therapy is a growing field that has proven to be highly beneficial for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It helps them in ways such as increasing concentration, improving self-control, and improving mood. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different aspects of music therapy for children with ADHD and how .... Read More
  • Cybersecurity In Education: Education 2.0 Conference Reviews Strategies To Stay Safe From Scams & Frauds

    Posted on : November 16, 2022
    The Internet has radically changed the way we live, learn and do business today. The advent of cloud computing and digital learning materials has opened up new opportunities, while at the same time increasing the risk of cyberattacks on businesses and schools alike by malicious hackers who threaten to steal data or extort money in exchange for ke.... Read More
  • Reporting Conference Scams | Education 2.0 Conference Reviews Fraud Prevention Measures & Alerts Its Attendees

    Posted on : November 15, 2022
    The conference season is in full swing, and there are lots of great conferences happening all over the world. However, with all of these exciting events comes an unfortunate side effect: scams. As people rush to buy tickets or register for events, fraudsters try to take advantage of their excitement by offering tickets that don't exist or chargin.... Read More
  • Can We Shift To Subscription-Based Learning Models?

    Posted on : October 20, 2022
    Learning has changed during the pandemic, moving away from classrooms and textbooks and instead taking advantage of resources such as Zoom classes and PDFs. Although there are many reasons behind this change, one major factor is undoubtedly the rapid digital transformation. The e-learning market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more tha.... Read More