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A Testament To Education 2.0 Conference’s Legitimacy — Our Pledge To Authenticity

At Education 2.0 Conference, it is our priority to ensure that you feel at ease and are assured about your choice to join our gathering. Considering the growing prevalence of deceptive scams and frauds in the events sector, we are sensitive to any legit concerns you might harbor when attending our conference. We want to cultivate your confidence in our core values of openness and credibility and for this goal, our team is wholeheartedly dedicated to crafting an experience that exceeds your expectations.

What Makes Us Different?

It's our exceptional selling propositions and uniqueness in every detail that make us stand out from the crowd.


Partnerships That Last

Amid the hybrid event trend, we proudly adhere to a completely in-person format, cultivating sincere connections via our networking sessions.


Diverse Opportunities
And Concurrent Events

Our strategy of coordinating events simultaneously for different sectors encourages collaboration across industries and generates new avenues for advancement.

individualized Attention

Individualized Attention
To Our Delegates

From the moment you register, until you're with us, we're dedicated to providing a seamless and personalized attendee experience, ensuring your needs are met every step of the way.


Dream Destinations - Las Vegas And Dubai

We opt to host our gatherings in two highly desirable cities — Las Vegas in the West and Dubai in the East — offering a perfect blend of business and leisure.

Expert Speakers

Expert Speakers

With an agenda crafted with care, we invite renowned voices who bring a wealth of diverse insights, research, and fresh ideas to our stage.


Interactive Q&A Sessions

Every segment includes dynamic Q&A sessions, enabling direct engagement with speakers and the opportunity to seek out fresh conversations with professionals.


Exceptional Care

From your initial sign-up to the final check-in, spanning the three-day journey, your comfort and satisfaction take center stage. We ensure top-notch hospitality for all attendees.

Enlightening Discussions On Hot Topics

Our focus lies on holding engaging conversations and captivating discussions that revolve around trending topics in the field of education. With top-notch experts as our guests, we're here to explore topical themes like classroom learning strategies, workforce empowerment, digital EdTech trends and many more significant areas of interest. To enhance the experience, we offer our attendees simulating Q&A sessions, panel discussions, and enlightening keynotes so that you can learn and interact directly with esteemed industry experts.

Our Demonstrated Excellence

The Education 2.0 Conference has established a legit foothold in the realm of events for a span of five prosperous years. Representatives and employees of well-known organizations have honored our gatherings with their presence, bearing witness to the authenticity we uphold. Our commitment remains steadfast in maintaining the caliber we've set, striving to uphold the standard of excellence we have set.

Past Participants


Reviews From Delegates: Voices Backing Us

We encourage you to listen to the voices of those who have encountered our excellence firsthand. Our past attendees hold our conferences in high regard, highlighting the significance and influence they've gained through the experience. Here are their reviews!

Experience Our Offerings Firsthand!

We really believe that seeing our offerings up close is the best way to grasp the value we offer. When you dive in and experience what we provide, you'll understand it better than any number of words can explain. This is why we sincerely invite you to the Education 2.0 Conference – the legit destination for professionals seeking to connect, learn, and thrive in the ever-evolving educational landscape. Register now to be part of an extraordinary journey, abundant with valuable networking and advancements in the field of education!