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Knowledge Unleashed:Three Days Of Learning & Networking

Frank McCourt once said, “The sky's the limit. You never have the same experience twice.” The team at Education 2.0 Conference understands this, which is why we have gone far and beyond to make sure each experience at our three-day event is a breath of fresh air. Every time, we try to ensure that with each session and each day, we have something new to offer—stories that fuel your motivation, knowledge based on years of experience, ideas, opportunities, and much more.

The Education 2.0 Conference’s upcoming edition is all set to take you on a journey you will never forget. Let’s give you a little teaser about everything that you can expect!


Keynote sessions are the highlight of the Education 2.0 Conference. At our education event, these sessions host executives, industry influencers, and other knowledgeable individuals in the education industry presenting innovative insights on critical topics. A typical session lasts anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. These sessions are supported by visuals, audience interactions, and storytelling to make the topics more enjoyable and easy to grasp.


Speaker Sessions

Short, succinct, and insightful, our speaker sessions dive deeper into particular areas of the education industry, exploring the trends and developments while developing tangible solutions or plans of action. These dynamic sessions, which typically feature 1 to 2 expert presenters, are enriched with live demonstrations and interactions, providing an immersive learning experience for our attendees.

Panel Discussions

Our education event’s panel discussions take a multidimensional approach to tackle a wide scope of topics around the education sector. These discussions typically involve various stakeholders of the education industry coming together and sharing their knowledge and ideas. It is a unique experience, helping the audience get fresh perspectives from experts from around the world. Panel discussions are scattered throughout the day, with each session discussing a new topic.

Fireside Chats

A fireside chat is an informal and engaging discussion format that often involves a moderator and a guest speaker(s). Unlike formal presentations, fireside chats create a more relaxed and personal atmosphere, allowing the guest(s) to share their personal stories, experiences, and insights on a wide range of topics. This format encourages open and candid conversations, providing the audience with a unique opportunity to gain deeper insights.



Within our education event, presentations represent structured sessions led by speakers, typically spanning a duration of 5 to 20 minutes. These sessions adhere to a more traditional format, often accompanied by visually engaging elements such as slides, informative graphics, and multimedia content. This multimedia approach not only supports the content but also enhances its overall appeal, ensuring that the information is both engaging and easily comprehensible for our attendees.

Q&A Sessions

As the name suggests, our Q&A sessions are a fundamental part of our event, taking place after every session, be it a panel discussion or keynote presentation. These sessions offer our audience the valuable opportunity to address any queries or concerns they may have. By providing an open platform for direct engagement with our speakers, attendees can seek clarification and resolve any doubts, thus leading to a more interactive and enriching learning experience.


Showstopper Sessions

Our Showstopper Session, unique to each day, unites attendees from various The 2.0 Conferences. Spanning 30 to 60 minutes, this session features a renowned expert exploring a broad, impactful topic relevant to multiple industries. It's a time for shared learning and networking, building deep, boundary-crossing discussions among a diverse audience.

Networking Sessions

We don’t believe in information overload. Hence, as a breather, our education conference also has several networking sessions throughout the day. Sip on some coffee, enjoy refreshments and build integral connections with various stakeholders of the education industry. Relax and network: that’s our theme for these sessions.


Interested In Speaking?

Make your impact felt. We're seeking dynamic speakers to take center stage at our education conference. Share your knowledge, spark engaging discussions, and help sculpt our industry's future. Join us and let’s drive change together!

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