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Why Be A Speaker At Education 2.0 Conference?

As a speaker at one of the most impactful education events in Dubai and Las Vegas, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to stand at the forefront of educational innovation. This is where the future of learning is shaped, bringing together the brightest minds in education, EdTech, and policy. Your insights and experiences will resonate with a global audience, encouraging a dynamic dialogue essential for transformative educational practices.

This is your chance to influence the course of education, inspiring change and progress in classrooms and institutions worldwide.

Elevate Your Voice,
Influence Change


Show Off Your

If you believe your ideas can benefit the industry, use this opportunity to let others know your unique point of view. You might have an idea that can inspire others in the field. Come and share it with the world and showcase your expertise on a global stage.


Introduce Cutting-
Edge Ideas

Think your creative ideas can kick-start impactful conversations and drive the industry forward? Now is the time to raise your voice. Be part of the industry revolution by contributing to ongoing trends and igniting fresh directions at our upcoming 2024 education conference!


Reach A Larger

Seize this moment to connect with a larger audience. Your ideas can click with attendees seeking expertise, and your influence can spread beyond the event through post-conference coverage and discussions.


Shape The

You have the power to shape education’s future by sharing your extraordinary views. Your perspectives can inspire, challenge norms, and fuel creative solutions, shaping the next era of the industry.

What Kind Of Topics Are Explored?

At the Education 2.0 Conference, we dive into the most recent themes and trends in the education sector. Our conferences and events are held in Dubai and Las Vegas, where our agendas are tightly packed with captivating keynotes, panel talks, and insightful fireside chats. From modern education strategies and student mental health to EdTech trends in education, we cover everything imaginable in the education industry

Got something special to share? If you have an idea beyond the framework of our agenda, we welcome you with great enthusiasm. If your idea fits our themes and amazing audience, we encourage you to be our speaker extraordinaire.


Discover Our Session Types

Apart from the usual discussions, we mix in thought-provoking keynotes, interactive panels, engaging breakout sessions, and lively Q&A into our agenda. What’s more? We provide you multiple opportunities to network with education experts from around the world. Such a series of events creates a wholesome atmosphere where you get to spark connections, share insights, and level up the future of education. Curious about the flow of our sessions? Take a look at our past schedule and picture yourself as a speaker on our esteemed stage.

Content Vetting – The Education 2.0 Conference Assurance

We're serious about the quality of content at our education event. Our thorough review process ensures that what's shared meets high standards of quality, relevance, and value. By carefully curating content, we aim to give attendees insightful, unbiased, and practical insights that match the ever-changing academic landscape. This approach upholds the integrity of our event and ensures a valuable experience for everyone involved.

Accelerate Your Impact: Submit Your Speaking Request With Ease


Be Different

If you have a vision to be a remarkable innovator of ideas, we support you to the maximum. Break free from the norm and challenge the status quo. If you dare to be different, show us your unique perspective, and we'll be all ears for your fresh insights.


Industry Impact

Think beyond what's already known and create unconventional patterns in the industry. Can your angle transform the entire healthcare landscape? Let's find out!


Fresh Ideas

We love unique ideas coming from bright minds in the industry. If you've covered a topic before, give it a new twist tailored for our Education 2.0 Conference stage. This is your chance to bring a fresh perspective to the field and get the much-deserved credit for it.


Open New Doors

Bring out the exclusives! Whether it's groundbreaking concepts or the latest news, our stage is set for unveiling the best and newest.

Remember, we choose content based on its relevance, not personal preferences. Your dedication to your application matters to us, and we appreciate your understanding as we craft a program that resonates with all enthusiasts.


Got a Spark of Genius? Enlighten Us!

Join us as a speaker to share your thoughts, ignite conversations, and shape important dialogues in the education sector.

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