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A medical student at UC Davis SOM, Zena is passionate about research, community health, and addressing health disparities in underserved populations.

  • Role: Insurance Broker, Medical Student, Missionary & Public Health Professional
  • Organization: ZLS Agency, UC Davis SOM & Project Dominicana
  • Industry: Education


Prestigious Awards

Post-Conference Outcomes

Lasting Connections & Work Opportunities!

Networking Opportunities
  • At the Education 2.0 Conference, Zena made about 15+ connections with the global visionaries and trendsetters of the education and learning industry.
  • Her exceptional contributions and persistence in bringing a change in the education sector made her receive global appreciation at this event.
  • With the help of the event's media coverage, Zena got many public speaking work opportunities.
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      International Locations

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Networking Is Just A Session Away!

Education 2.0 Conference aims to unite the global leaders of the education and learning industry. It has exclusive sessions dedicated to fueling networking and connections among the attendees to let them share their ideas, perspectives, and approaches.

Zena, an Insurance Broker, Medical Student, Missionary & Public Health Professional, made the best use of this networking opportunity by making about 15+ connections at this education event in Dubai. She appreciated the marketing strategies implemented at the event that made her business account gain more followers and helped her witness some exciting working opportunities. Zena also discovered new trends in the education sector and gained different perspectives and insights while making some unforgettable connections that undoubtedly helped her and will help her in the future.

Zena was also a part of the panel discussion, and through that session, she shared her insightful thoughts on reimagining education and how we can make it work for all. Through this session, her voice reached out to many people, which further helped her make some worthy associations at this event.

Meet The Next Generation Of Leaders

As a third-year medical school student, Zena Simmons continues her work in research, community health, and global medicine while continuing her studies. Through her mission work and international study experiences, she has visited over 20 different countries. As a researcher, Zena currently has three scientific and clinical research study publications with Endocrine Connections, the American Journal of Physiology, and Cambridge University. She has received many honors and awards throughout her education and career – approximately 13 and still counting!

At our education summit, one can expect to take a deep dive into the latest innovations and trends in the education and learning sector. You can connect with emerging leaders like Zena and brainstorm ideas to redefine the education space together.

Connections First, Collaborations Next!

Be a part of the upcoming 2.0 Conference edition and experience a multitude of growth opportunities to take your education career to the next level!

Grow With The Best In Education

If you are someone who aspires to bring a change in the education sector and are already doing your part, it’s time to connect with other trendsetters!