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As the Education 2.0 Conference is an in-person event, we are rising up to the COVID-19 challenge and are taking a host of steps to ensure adherence to safety and health regulations set forth by local and state authorities. Know More

  • Why Early Childhood Education Matters Now More Than Ever

    Posted on : August 31, 2022
    High-quality early childhood education provides a good start in life and offers numerous opportunities to learn and grow. Early childhood education can assist your child in making new friends, gaining independence, and learning new routines, and it also helps them adjust to school. Especially after the pandemic, the onus is on the parents to make.... Read More
  • Analytics In Learning & Education

    Posted on : August 25, 2022
    Learning analytics is a type of data analysis that enables teachers, lecturers, educational experts, and administrators of online learning to search for students' online traces and information related to learning processes. The primary goal of learning analytics in online classrooms and computer-assisted instruction is to improve the learning exp.... Read More
  • The Role Of Personalized Learning In Higher Education

    Posted on : August 18, 2022
    Personalized learning is a hot topic in K-12 education today. It refers to a broad concept of learning that can be further subdivided into content personalization, pace and progress personalization, and process personalization. As the one-size-fits-all approach does not seem to benefit student success, many schools - after attending some of 2022’.... Read More
  • Shift To Technology-Driven Immersive Learning

    Posted on : August 03, 2022
    As the world shifts towards technology-driven solutions, the education sector cannot expect to continue with its traditional classroom learning. EdTech is the new world of knowledge that provides engaging learning experiences to learners and empowers educators with technology to create immersive, inclusive learning experiences in their classrooms.... Read More
  • Breaking the Binary: Why Our Textbooks Need To Be Gender Inclusive

    Posted on : July 29, 2022
    Textbooks can be full of valuable information, but they often refer to gender in the most binary ways possible: male and female, boy and girl, husband and wife. This can create confusion for students who don’t identify as either gender or are questioning their identity, leading them to lose confidence in their ability to learn—resulting in lower .... Read More
  • The Need For 21st-Century Skills In Today's Classrooms

    Posted on : July 20, 2022
    The education industry needs to focus on how to prepare students for the universe, not just for a university! Everything changes with time, and so does education. As discussed at top education conferences, using outdated curriculums for new-age students may not be suff.... Read More
  • Say No To Bullying

    Posted on : July 19, 2022
    According to reliable educational resources, relatively 20% of students experienced bullying in 2016. This startling percentage is particularly shocking in light of the numerous adverse effects of bullying on students' wellness. Targeted children frequently struggle with academic underachievement, sleep problems, anxiety, and despair. N.... Read More
  • How To Make Generation Z Fall In Love With Learning?

    Posted on : July 11, 2022
    Generation Z has grown up in the digital age, making them more aware and inclined toward technology. Like every generation, they have unique qualities and abilities to adapt to this ever-changing world. Especially when we talk about learning, Gen Z has its own methods of grasping information. Also, they have different approaches to receiving and .... Read More
  • The Power Of Positive Teaching: How To Overcome Negativity And Create Success

    Posted on : June 29, 2022
    As with anything you want to change, the first step to improving your teaching skills is to determine what you do that needs improving. Once you know what you need to work on, it becomes much easier to find ways of improving it and become a better teacher who can help students overcome negativity and succeed in their academics. Here are.... Read More
  • The Education 2.0 Conference Returns This Winter!

    Posted on : June 28, 2022
    The Education 2.0 Conference has been bringing together educators and innovators from all over the world to discuss the future of education and the role that technology can play in delivering it. Now, we are back with our Winter Edition in Dubai & Las Vegas - giving educators, researchers & entrepreneurs yet another chance to no.... Read More