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The Education 2.0 Conference has been bringing together educators and innovators from all over the world to discuss the future of education and the role that technology can play in delivering it.

Now, we are back with our Winter Edition in Dubai & Las Vegas - giving educators, researchers & entrepreneurs yet another chance to not miss out on the “meet, greet & be known” opportunities this education summit offers.

Our education conference in 2022 will focus on a wide range of topics through multiple tracks, from fake scholarship scams, virtual learning trends, emerging pedagogical methods, and fraudulent portals, to diversity and inclusion in the classroom. But that’s not all there is. Here are a few reasons why this could be one of the most critical education events you attend this year:

Location, Location, Location

Anyone who wants to get ahead in life (or even just stay there) knows that it’s a good idea to be constantly learning. So what better place for a global education conference than places that are famous for their treasures and fun activities? That’s right; If you want to learn about all of today’s latest educational innovations, you can’t miss out on attending this year's Education 2.0 Conference in Dubai & Las Vegas!

What's New In Our Winter Edition?

When you think of an education conference, you might imagine stuffy suits sitting in front of PowerPoint presentations—but thanks to technology and a shift toward learning through innovative means, these education summits are beginning to look very different. For example, educators from around the world will converge for three days, all of which will be filled with networking opportunities, thought-provoking sessions about trends in online learning, and emerging technologies that will shape our future classrooms.

Why Attend?

Conferences offer a valuable opportunity to meet other professionals and get your ideas in front of them, which can lead to networking opportunities, collaborations, and even job offers.

They are also a great way to learn about new tech tools and industry trends and ensure you’re on top of things.

Moreover, there is no better way to build your brand than by attending conferences and speaking at them. Education 2.0 Conference is the place for you — whether you seek to establish yourself as a visionary in your field or aspire to showcase your EdTech start-up’s solutions.

On top of it all, the education event will feature industry leaders and global influencers who share their accomplishments in turning lives around through technological innovation & otherwise. They strive for a transformation that goes far beyond anyone else's efforts - so they deserve recognition!

At this momentous event, we'll publicly honor these people before an international audience to inspire others with successful examples of how one can change the world through technology. You can be a part of it too!

Tips For Being An Influential Conference Delegate

Here’s a quick tip from the Education 2.0 Conference’s team. Practice your elevator pitch in advance – ensure you know what you want to say and how to say it before you get on stage. Always bring a copy of your presentation with notes - having a backup can be crucial if your laptop crashes! Bring plenty of business cards; there will be many new people looking for new friends and colleagues at the event, so give out as many as possible when it’s time to network and mingle!

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Ashif Abbasi
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Ashif Abbasi works with the Education 2.0 Conference’s team to enhance the attendee experience. The three-day conference will unite leaders who are shaping the future of global education. It will have hundreds of delegates under one roof who will network and learn more about the latest education technologies, promising pedagogical models, and how community members can play a part in eliminating education degree scams and fraudulent schemes.