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As educators, psychologists, and parents debate whether multiple screens are appropriate for children, emerging technologies like AI and ML begin to change how we learn. According to experts at top education events in 2022, because of the rise in the artificial intelligence market in the US education sector, education will grow by leaps and bounds in the next five years.

Even though most experts believe teachers' critical presence is irreplaceable, there will be many changes to a teacher's job and educational best practices because of AI, as has been discussed at the Education 2.0 Conference’s Spring Edition.

Collaboration Between Teacher & AI

AI has already been used in education, primarily in skill development tools and testing systems. As AI educational solutions mature, the hope is that AI will be able to fill gaps in learning and teaching, allowing schools and teachers to do more than ever before. AI can increase efficiency and personalization and streamline administrative tasks, giving teachers more time and freedom to provide understanding and adaptability.

By combining the best qualities of devices and teachers, the vision for AI experts in education is for them to collaborate to achieve the best student outcomes. Thought leaders from education summits in 2022 have claimed that today's students will need to work in a world where AI is a reality. So, our educational institutions must expose students to and use technology.

Personalized Instructions

Adapting learning to meet the needs of individual students has been a priority for educators for years. Still, AI will enable a level of differentiation impossible for teachers who have to manage many students in each class. Several companies have developed digital platforms that use AI to provide learning, testing, and feedback to students from pre-K to college.

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, there may come a time when a machine will be able to detect when a student is becoming frustrated or confused and adjust the lesson plan accordingly. This can't currently happen in traditional schools because one size doesn't fit all — but it would work with an AI-powered system.

Equal Access For Students

AI tools can help create an environment where everyone — no matter what language they speak or what kind of impairments they have — can feel welcomed in a classroom setting.

This also provides opportunities for students who cannot attend school due to illness or require learning at a different level or on a specific subject that is not available at their current school. AI help assist in breaking down barriers between schools and traditional grade levels.

Assistance Outside Of The Classroom

Any parent struggling with getting their child through algebra will be delighted when they discover the possibilities of artificial intelligence coming around and helping them do their work. With all these new advancements in tutoring and studying programs, kids are able to learn much more accessible than before because now all these advances are personalized for every different type of learner, which means there is something for everyone!

Many more AI applications for education are being developed and discussed at education conferences in Las Vegas. The Education 2.0 Conference will focus on topics such as AI mentors for learners, how AI can help prevent education scams and fraud, innovative content development, and educators' new personal growth method through keynotes and panel discussions. Education might slowly embrace artificial intelligence and machine learning, but change is coming.

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Chirag helps ensure that the attendees at the Education 2.0 Conference have a great time, from feeling welcomed when they enter to making sure they meet new people and learn about upcoming innovations in education. The conference brings together the best minds currently working on developing different strategies to stay safe from fraudsters and scholarship scammers; those coming here will be able to share their knowledge and take away some new ideas too.