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Dr. Dayan, CEO of Neurotech Solutions, holds a Bachelor's in Electronics Engineering from the Technion in Haifa (1982) and a PhD in Education from the University of Haifa (2014). For the education and learning sector, Neurotech is the industry's first cloud-based assessment for profiling students and learners.

Dr. Dayan is an EdTech visionary, ecosystem builder, and recognized education innovation and entrepreneurship expert. He founded EdTech Israel in 2014 to transform a Start-up Nation into EdTech Nation. EdTech Israel is a national, unprejudiced, independent social impact business that successfully joins the Israeli ecosystem with global markets.

He has over 20 years of experience as a marketing-oriented business executive, with a proven international track record of high-level sales, business development, and strategic marketing. In addition, Dr. Dayan's career includes international business development, educational leadership, academic research, and community entrepreneurship. He has been engaged in informal education since 2002, primarily volunteering at the Israeli Scouts Association and various not-for-profit organizations and community projects.

Meeting & Networking
Like Never Before

Dr. Dayan shared how he always wanted to work with the Arab world and with the help of the Education 2.0 Conference, he got to meet the bigshots of the industry from all over the world! He reviews that even though the conference highlighted all the industry trends, still they had enough time and opportunity to network, meet, and exchange ideas with each other. The sessions were managed so that everyone could have time to talk and make important contact between them!