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Ipek Williamson, Founder of Ipek Williamson Coaching, is a Listener, Certified Insight Coach, Speaker, Author of the children's book "Little Fawna is Loved, Safe, and Never Alone," Co-author of the Book "Begin with the BREATH," Certified Ikigai Coach, Ho'oponopono Practitioner, and Meditation Teacher.

She perfectly integrates her 20+ years of corporate experience as an executive assistant for C-suite leaders of several multinational organizations with diversified areas of expertise as a coach and mentor. In addition to her multiple highly acclaimed meditations that she showcases on the Insight Timer App, Ipek conducts workshops, courses, and mentoring through that same application.

As an Insight Coach, Ipek Williamson aims to bring a spark into the eyes of everyone who comes in contact with her. She believes everyone has a spark in their eyes as children, but with time, some lose it due to responsibilities, worries, stress, and limiting beliefs. With her one-on-one sessions, she aims to bring that spark again into one's eyes.

Incredible Networking
In Las Vegas, Reviews Ipek

While talking about her experience at the Education 2.0 Conference, Ipek Williamson reviews how the networking opportunities at the event let people meet other like-minded individuals from the field of education and learning. Apart from connecting with passionate people from different backgrounds, it gives them a chance to learn about other people's interests and contributions to the sector. She was even impressed with the event's organization and planning. Overall, she has a great time here in Las Vegas!