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The wait for an in-person event that unites key members of the global education community is finally over.

As one of the most influential education summits of 2022, the Education 2.0 Conference’s USA edition will feature masterclasses in the innovations taking place in STEM and STEAM, the potential of artificial intelligence to empower educators, the worrying rise of fake degree scams, and promoting diversity in the classroom, to name a few.

While we are gearing up to curate an engaging and memorable experience for you, here’s a quick sneak-peek at everything that’s in store for you at our upcoming education event in Las Vegas, USA:

1. A search for solutions to 21st century challenges in education

What tools can educators harness to boost learner engagement and outcomes in the classroom? How can education businesses devise tech-driven solutions that align with rapidly evolving pedagogical methods being employed in the post-COVID-19 era? What can we, as stakeholders, do to support the mental health of young learners, and how can we prepare students for the jobs of the future?

Our upcoming education summit will attempt to answer these crucial questions with the help of thought leaders in academia and the education industry. With several policymakers, educationists, C-level executives of EdTech companies, and staff members from top universities slated to be speaking at our Las Vegas event, you can expect to be enthralled by the quality of debate and discussions that will take place in the room!

2. Knowledge sessions around best practices in teaching and learning

With live Q&As, fireside chats, keynotes, and panels, as well as multiple tracks spread over three days, there won’t be a minute of boredom at our Las Vegas event. The Education 2.0 Conference will spotlight new research, crucial subjects such as the role of educators in ensuring that students don’t fall prey to fake virtual learning scams/fraud and also walk you through interesting trends in the arena.

Depending on your goals and job roles, you will return with actionable tips that can help you enhance learning in the classroom or apply the strategic guidance you gain from founders to take your education business to the next level.

3. Igniting the feeling of community and encouraging collaboration

Looking for inspiration and innovative ideas? Need a little push from education leaders who have faced similar challenges? Nothing beats 1:1 networking when you have such objectives to fulfill.

At our post-COVID-19 conference in the USA, you will get to reconnect and strengthen existing alliances with professionals who continue to innovate and persevere. This is your chance to network with people who have shared interests and are also passionate about driving innovation in the education sector.

4. Unveiling the future of EdTech

As hybrid learning models become a reality, investments in EdTech are skyrocketing like never before. Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve, educational institutions across the globe must embrace tools that simplify the learning process.

However, it can be challenging to keep up with the pace of innovation in the fast-paced industry. This is where attending our education event in Las Vegas, USA, can help!

The three-day conference will host exciting start-ups that will pitch their products before a global audience. At the same time, companies that sign up for our exhibition pavilions will offer hands-on demos and reviews of their services. Thus, you will be able to experience new learning apps, platforms, and EdTech services yourself!

Education 2.0 Conference — Inspiring the changemakers of tomorrow

Our USA’s global education leadership conference is one summit where hundreds of expert decision makers and education advocates come together to expand their horizons, secure new deals, and partnerships, and give their organization’s visibility a major boost. Are you going to be in the room too?

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Ashif Abbasi
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Ashif Abbasi works with the Education 2.0 Conference’s team to enhance the attendee experience. The three-day conference will unite leaders who are shaping the future of global education. It will have hundreds of delegates under one roof who will network and learn more about the latest education technologies, promising pedagogical models, and how community members can play a part in eliminating education degree scams and fraudulent schemes.