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There are numerous ways to start a business and turn it into a successful model that generates revenue. The post-pandemic education market is huge and has brought multifold opportunities for young entrepreneurs and businesses to create a path for themselves. In a competitive world, business shrewdness and a desire to succeed go a long way and keep entrepreneurs on their toes.

Over decades, the education industry has witnessed major shifts leading to conversations about starting a venture in the sector, however, with minimal guidance on how to truly make a success out of this domain. Starting a business in education and learning allows you to get engaged in business trends that are on top of the list of investments. It not only brings financial growth but also ensures your contribution to learning while adding a bright future to many young lives.

Here are a few essential tips to set up a good education institution:


Given the digital transformation over the decade, traditional classroom learning has been taken over by e-learning. However, the two types of learning have one common and important factor, i.e., line of content. Educators and educational institutions have to be careful and need to set a standard for providing quality as well as bringing efficiency. Thus, the focus should be on having a great academic team in order to reach these goals.

Customer understanding

With the advent of technology in the education sector, professionals understand the requirements of students better and offer knowledge accordingly. Digital learning has also opened ways for teachers to offer personalized education to individuals. In addition, it gives students plenty of time to learn difficult topics at their own pace.


Combining knowledge-specific institutions with superior talent can go a long way for entrepreneurs. Educational leaders must collaborate with world big e-learning players to grow in the industry and therefore, create a brand name. One of the most innovative ways is to attend international edtech conferences, such as the Education 2.0 Conference. It offers a platform for businesses and professionals to collaborate with other industry experts.


No matter how good your products and services, it is of no use if customers/ students are unaware of them. With the help of social media platforms and online marketing, you can promote your e-learning startups. To promote your business cost-effectively, you can start with BTL marketing and later on upgrade to ATL considering time and pace are important factors here.

These are just a few pointers to take into consideration if you want to start an EdTech startup. Explore more on the subject at the Education 2.0 Conference.

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Ashif Abbasi works with the Education 2.0 Conference’s team to enhance the attendee experience. The three-day conference will unite leaders who are shaping the future of global education. It will have hundreds of delegates under one roof who will network and learn more about the latest education technologies, promising pedagogical models, and how community members can play a part in eliminating education degree scams and fraudulent schemes.