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Quality education will always be needed, regardless of the time or place. Education is what drives innovation, new ideas, and technological advancements. Without it, society would stagnate and leave everyone worse off than before.

Education goes beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic. It teaches us how to think, analyze information, solve problems, and communicate effectively with others. A person’s education can have a lasting impact on their personal and professional life. So, why shouldn’t there be a need to develop an education system?

These days, it’s hard to talk about education without bringing up the fact that things are changing — and not for the better. As many students as there are struggling in our current educational system, there is an even larger population of students who aren’t being taught what they need to succeed in their future careers.

If you want to see why disruption in education is necessary, read on and discover five reasons why it has become absolutely essential to creating meaningful changes in our current teaching methods. This way, we can open the doors of opportunity to more people than ever before.

New Techniques And Procedures Yield A Better Future

The education system must give students, institutes, and faculty an atmosphere of elevation. A monotonous approach to studying makes it dull. But introducing new techniques and procedures into the education system can provide many opportunities. Modernizing the education system will yield a better future for us.

The Human Mind Evolves With Time

Numerous education events have been conducted in the past where the link of evolving human mind with education has been the prime topic of discussion. Very evidently, we humans adapt and grow throughout our lives. By developing the education system, we can help and cater to our ever-evolving needs to stay current with the times.

To Keep Up With Technology

Knowing how important it is to stay current with technology, one might think that the education system would be at the forefront of technological advancements. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. AI for education is fast-growing; to date, access to this boon is not with every institute. The educational system must develop to keep up with the expanding technology network.

To Shake Up Its Stagnant Culture

There are many great things about the education system, but one of its downfalls is that it can become stagnant. Once a plan is perfected and no longer needs improvement, it can become stale. A continuous chain of action and development is required to prevent it from eroding. It will give challenges to students as well as teachers to move towards a path of success.

For The Development Of Quality And Reliability Of Its Content

There are many great resources for students and teachers alike out there these days. However, not all of them are created equal. Some are designed by experts and are high-quality, while others are inaccurate and low-quality. The education system needs to be selective with the resources it uses so that students can receive the highest-quality information they can handle. This way, they can learn what they need to know and be better prepared for the real world.


A key factor discussed in various education summits is that the development of the education system is a must to help students and teachers help find their true potential. It is essential to put things and people out of their comfort zone to gain something. A change or development is a must in every field and path, especially when it comes to educating the leaders of tomorrow.

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Shobhit Behal
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Shobhit Behal is a member of the Education 2.0 Conference’s organizing committee, has a sharp eye for details, and is keen on learning new things daily. There is so much to learn out there, which is why Education 2.0 Conference’s Dubai edition is ready to explore topics varying from EdTech fraud/scam/spam to combating the global talent shortage through skill development programs.